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Fifteen Seconds

Living under a barrage of rocket fire with just 15 seconds to find shelter is no way to live. It is no way to spend a summer vacation, and no way to exist day to day.
Terrorists from Gaza continue their assault on Israel
Drones have now been sent from Gaza
One thousand rockets have been launched from Gaza over the last two weeks
Hamas threatens to attack Israel’s airport, attempting to isolate and weaken Israel

It’s dangerous and it is emotionally and psychologically debilitating to run for shelter multiple times a day. Fifteen seconds can make the crucial difference!
We urgently need your help and support.
Beyond our own one hundred and six girls at the Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya, in central Israel, our summer camp program now includes an additional one hundred and forty five girls from the Southern part of the country.
Together our “permanent” residence and their “guests” are bonding together giving each other comfort, support, and hope.
One nine year old girl, who came to Lev Lalev last week with her two sisters, told her counselor that “it was unbearable in Ashdod where we had only fifteen seconds to get to the shelter. I was scared- tired- and lonely. Now….. I have new friends here who make me laugh and give me comfort and help. I am so very happy to be here with my new friends”.
This year summer camp is essential, vital, and necessary. It’s not just about fun; it’s about summer safety and we need you now.
Please help by visiting our website at www.levlalev.com/safesummercamp or you can donate by mail: Lev Lalev Fund P.O. Box 1210 Monsey NY 10952 or you can call us at 845-367-7130 (or 800 730 1106). You can also help by writing a short note or letter to the girls; we will have someone translate your notes so that the girls can feel the warmth, care, and concern that the Lev Lalev family feels for those in harm’s way.

Thank you very much for standing by Israel.
PS Many of our friends have already responded and we would like to thank you for helping to ease the pain of these young girls during this dangerous and difficult time.


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  1. henry burke

    I heard an interview today in which someone from Gaza complained they had only 3 minutes to evacuate from their home isn’t that twelve times as long as the people of Israel have.
    wouldn’t you call this Arab hutzpah

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