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Fathers Day Thought

When my daughter Tova who lives in California sent me a warm Father’s Day greeting earlier yesterday morning, I responded with a cryptic message. A number of my children live very far away, so I said that I must have good father skills because our kids keep moving “farther and farther away”. Her response was interesting and I wanted to share it with you. “You taught us how to spread our wings and fly. You taught us how to be successful and independent. You could have taught us how to be needier, but I am grateful that you did not”. After we texted back and forth a bit she added “Although we do miss you we are blessed to be able to make our own decisions in this world. Too many people are too needy and can’t handle the real world as grownups without their parents”.

Sometimes parents try too hard and are so invested in their children that they suffocate them. Other parents try to give their children the tools, values, independence, and self-esteem for the children to succeed on their own no matter how far away they may be.

Actually my wife and I discussed this earlier last week, and I commented that despite the fact that our kids in total live over forty thousand kilometers away, I would not raise my kids any other way.

Unfortunately, most of our girls at Lev Lalev had difficult upbringings. Let us pray that despite their challenges they will with the help of their “extended family”, our Lev Lalev donors and friends, our girls too will grow up with the skills necessary to be independent, happy and successful.12654346_977110722369018_4239182766021862374_n

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