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Faith after the Holocaust


My daughter is spending the year studying at a seminary in Israel. As part of their program the girls travel to Poland to get a firsthand experience on Jewish history. Today, her first day in Poland, the group visited Treblinka, one of the most horrific death camps.

Parents are receiving daily messages and updates about the trip. I was struck by the email we received earlier today. ” Rabbi Kurland provided a context for the girls experiences by discussing faith in light of the terrible things that happened in Poland”.

What occurred to me is that faith and spirituality can be severely tested by traumatic situations. At Lev Lalev our girls have had many difficulties in their lives. (Not as severe as the Holocaust, but nonetheless extremely painful). Our mission at Lev Lalev is to provide the girls with physical, emotional, and spiritual direction they need. We don’t take this for granted. We provide our girls with faith based education because their growth and future depends on it. It is the antidote for helping each girl through whatever horrific and traumatic experience she has had.

We see that Holocaust survivors have rebuilt their lives. Similarly our goal at Lev Lalev is to give the girls the tools to grow and to create a warm and beautiful future.


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