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Even the improbable is possible!

The Cubs won the World Series. Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential Election, and I found David Nash living a few blocks away from my son in Australia.

David Nash went to school with my father in law in Petrokov, Poland. In 1938, shortly before Germany invaded Poland, David moved to Australia. Over the years my father in law and his old schoolmate had some contact- but since my father in laws passing fifteen years ago, there had been no communication. My mother in law, always looking to keep connections current gave me Mr. Nash’s address when I traveled to Australia. Even when I learned that he lived five minutes from my son’s house, I was more than skeptical. After all he would be around ninety-three years old today. But my son wasn’t deterred. He knocked on David’s door and was there in fine health. Not only was he alive and well but he had tremendous clarity about Poland and even his visit to my in laws twenty five or thirty years ago. What was most astounding was that on his refrigerator was a picture of my family-my wife and our first four children.

There are at least two lessons to be learned from this extraordinary episode. One is that even the improbable is possible, and the second is that we should never give up- we should never replace hope with skepticism.

On the surface, Israel, too is improbable, and so is its success since its founding in 1948. Nonetheless we must recognize that not everyone of its citizens thrive. Our orphaned and disadvantaged girls at Lev Lalev are cared for through the generosity and support from friends throughout the world. The lesson that our donors understand is that we can never give up on the weak and downtrodden- and that we should maintain hope and optimism.img_0578

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