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Donations to Israel


Lev Lalev is an orphanage in Netanya which helps to rescue and resettle orphaned and disadvantaged girls from all over Israel. Donations are used to help the physical, emotional, and spiritual revival of more than one hundred orphaned girls. We provide personal counseling to help each girl to help her reach her potential. Last week I met with a young Jewish businessman originally from the suburbs of Detroit who now lives and works in Manhattan. He told me that now that he has begun to make a good living he wants to donate to Israel. He agreed with me that the weakest and most downtrodden group, mainly orphaned girls, should receive his Tzedakah. Donations to Israel are not only about helping the recipients; they are also about how these donations to Israel help to anchor a donor’s connection and commitment to the Jewish State.

Donors to Israel care deeply about Israel’s security and its future. This week Prime Minister Netanyahu has come to the United States. Yesterday he met with President Obama and today he will be making the major address at AIPAC conference. What comes out of these meetings has a profound effect on Israel. Let us pray that these talks are fruitful and productive.

Finally, I would like to encourage all of our readers to visit Israel, to become better acquainted with its history and politics, and to continue to donate. Israel needs you.


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