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For those who read my blog, you know that I don’t often focus on the negative. But, this weekend was a very traumatic time. I could comment on the Malaysian 370 airplane mystery, the Putin takeover of Crimea (which is reminiscent of Germany’s invasion of Poland on Rosh Hashana 1939) or Israel’s discovery of sophisticated tunnels going from Gaza into Israel. All of these make me nervous. What makes me sad are two incidents that were reported in the newspapers over the weekend about people who I know from our community.

Peretz Sontag, fifty years old and a father of seven children was found dead in his car in Harriman State Park after an eight day search. Peretz, who prayed in the same synagogue as I did many years ago before he moved to Israel, and divided his time between Israel and New York, was a quiet and kind person who gave himself for the community. Regardless of the circumstances of his death he will be missed by his family, his friends and his community.

Lonna Kin, a fifty two year old mother of five has been seeking a get (a Jewish divorce) for seven years. Her ex husband, who had given her only a civil divorce certificate, remarried in Las Vegas late last week among protesters. The New York Times carried this controversy on the front page of the New York Times.

Shalom Bayis, family unity and peace, is a fundamental ingredient in human interaction. Without it, there is only pain and suffering. I turned to a sefer (a book) from one of our famous Rabbis known as the Rambam who teaches seven obligations that a husband must show towards his wife.

1.      To honor her more than himself.

2.      To love her as himself

3.      To increase in spending on her behalf as much as he can afford

4.      Not to be tyrant

5.      Always speak gently

6.      Not to demonstrate sadness

7.      Not to get angry

 “Life aint easy”. Nonetheless it is necessary to deal with every challenge in an appropriate and respectful way. We at Lev Lalev would like nothing better than to close our facility because there would be no orphans, disadvantaged, abused, or unfortunate social orphans. Unfortunately, there are too many people who lack the coping powers. This is why we at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel have developed a sophisticated therapy program tailor made for each girl. The consequences of not dealing with a girl’s problem can be devastating and destructive.

Let us hope and pray that our girls, and all those in need of help receive that help in a timely and successful way. While some people hide their emotional pain it is critically important that it be dealt with in a professional environment.



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