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DAY 23, a long, hot and dangerous summer

This war will end the moment Hamas puts away their rockets. As I am preparing this blog (and facebook post), we are at the end of a unilateral four hour humanitarian cease fire initiated by the Israelis. Every night as I am glued to the news, a reporter asks an Israeli representative the same question and receives the same answer. Wolf Blitzer or one of the other reporters asks “when will the cease fire end”? And the Israeli answer is always the same. “The moment the Hamas stops firing”.

Why is this difficult to understand? Israel, after all, refrained from entering Gaza for several weeks and only did so after more than a thousand rockets had been fired. When the ground troops arrived in Gaza, they discovered many more tunnels then they had originally expected. Indeed, it is a miracle that the Israeli troops were forced into Gaza; otherwise, as reported, Hamas militants would have initiated a terrorist attack into the settlements in the South over Rosh Hashanah. (Chas Vashalom, G-d forbid).

I cannot say that we at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home in Netanya were aware of the danger of these tunnels when we voluntarily brought several hundred young girls to Netanya for an expanded and life saving summer camp program. What I can say is that we responded immediately to the dangers in the South and decided to provide girls with a safe summer experience. To this day they remain with us, over two hundred girls from Sdedrot, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Netivot. These girls are having a fun time at camp, but at the same time miss their families tremendously and worry about the safety of their parents and communities.

We at Lev Lalev are proud to provide this safe haven for the girls as we do our part to keep these girls from harm’s way. We have been blessed with this responsibility; and blessed that so many of our friends and donors have assisted in our efforts. We thank you and hope and pray that soon the “temporary cease fire” will become a permanent one.

May we see peace today, tomorrow, and for all time. Amen.


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