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Day 21: An Update

Operation Protective Edge is twenty one days old. Yesterday Hamas terrorists fired twenty two more rockets into Israel. Officially, there have been 2,214 rockets fired at Israel over the past three weeks (and on Saturday Hamas even fired toward Egypt killing four children). This morning a spokesman from the Prime Minister’s office said “Quiet will be met with Quiet”. But- it appears- that Hamas “celebrates” cease fires by shooting rockets at Israel’s population centers.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, showed U.N. secretary general Ban-Ki-moon actual photos of the tunnels. He shared the following statement with the secretary general. “The international community has pressed us (Israel) to give cement to Gaza to build schools, hospitals, and homes. And now, we see what has happened to those cement deliveries. They have been used to build tunnels that penetrate into Israel so that Hamas can blow up our kindergartens and murder our children”.

Last week Israel set up field hospitals at the Erez border crossing for injured Palestinians. By and large Hamas has prevented and blocked the injured civilians from going to the hospital for treatment according to Yael German, Israel’s minister of health.

A long time friend of ours who has lived in Israel for more than twenty years wrote an email which I received this morning. “We are living in a twilight zone. On one hand we watch the news as often as possible and run to the shelters over and over again when the sirens sound. On the other hand, we are trying to live our lives as normally as possible. It is miracle that we entered Gaza, because according to Israeli soldiers (my son included), captured Hamas terrorists said that Hamas was planning a large scale massacre on Rosh Hashana by penetrating through numerous tunnels”.

We must continue to do what we can… Pray, write letters of support, and believe in Israel’s mission. Our soldiers and our citizens need everyone support. May today be a good day for Israel and the Jewish people. And may tomorrow be an even better one until peace can be achieved with our neighbors everywhere. Amen.



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