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Dateline Israel: Summer Camp is a Lifeline

I learned to swim in summer camp. They learn to live in their summer camp program.

Without a fantastic and meaningful summer camp program our girls in Israel at the Lev Lalev Orphanage will be “climbing the walls”. They will feel very sad, lonely and unloved. What happens in the summer has a profound year-long effect on the girls behavior, progress, and outlook.

Tamar came to the Children’s Home in 2013 after her mother died from cancer. She was born in Israel to parents who emigrated from the Ukraine. After her mother died, her father returned to the Ukraine, leaving Tamar at a neighbor’s home. Left as an orphan with no one to care for her, we took her into our Home. At the beginning, she hardly spoke or ate, and even resisted putting on clean clothing. During the summer, we saw a great change in Tamar’s attitude and behavior. Her interest in sports allowed her to find peace and happiness. For Tamar, the summer camp was a lifeline. Since then, she has made great progress.

Our summer camp program begins on July 29th. We must raise more than $30,000 in order to fund the camp. Our program is much more than FUN. It gives our girls joy and tranquility, and most importantly sets the tone for the entire year.

You may recall that last year, as the missiles fell from Gaza, we provided a safe haven for our girls and for girls at risk from the South of Israel. As we pray that this summer will be safe geopolitically, we also hope that it will be a safe, happy, and effective summer for our girls.July picture of girls


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