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Children are our Future

When I was a young school child invariably each September the teacher would ask us to write an essay on what was our most exciting experience over the summer. When I entered the work force, this question was often posed in my Jewish not for profit organization. I recall that once I said that putting my children under the tallis during the priestly benediction gave me a great sense of reward.

This year we spent Simchas Torah with our children in the Washington DC area. I had the privilege of being called up to the Torah for the very special honor of KOL HANEARIM. On Simchas Torah everyone is called to make a bracha (blessing) on the Torah as we conclude the reading of the Five Books of Moses and begin again. Children who have not yet had their Bar Mitzvah also have an opportunity to join together with the person who has been called for KOL HANEARIM (translated as all the children). A large chuppah talis was placed over my head along with close to one hundred young children, including two of my grandchildren. After saying the brachot, the community at large sang a special prayer which was the blessing that Yaakov gave to each of his sons. After that I made private prayers for each of my grandchildren and then for our girls at Lev Lalev. Without embarrassment, I can say that there were tears in my eyes both because of the enormous blessings that Hashem has bestowed upon me and my family and because of the awesome responsibilities to help young children- in my case- orphaned girls from Israel who need our guidance, friendship, help, and support.

Over sixteen percent of Israel’s children go to bed at night hungry. Food insecurity has a serious and debilitating effect on everyone, but particularly on our precious children. As the holidays fade and we re- enter our normal routine, we need to consider the consequences of children not having enough to eat. It is for this reason that we at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home will soon launch a Food Campaign to help ensure that our girls and their schoolmates and neighbors do not go to sleep hungry.

Israel is a special country with significant economic, social, and political challenges. This past week alone the number of terrorist attacks has risen dramatically. Many of these incidents have been lone wolf attacks which are extremely difficult to protect against. Despite these hardships we remain optimistic that through prayer, acts of kindness, and increased charitable support, evil in Israel, the Middle East, and throughout the world will dissipate.
We pray for peace; we work toward a good end; and we support the young children of Israel at our Home in Netanya and throughout the country.

chupah tallisThanks for joining us in this great mitzvah.

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