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Charity-Tzedakah in Israel

Recently one of our generous donors wrote to us that giving charity to Lev Lalev in Israel has provided her with so many benefits. She particularly loves to give to poor girls in Israel, and especially helping Israeli orphans and disadvantaged children. She said that she chose Lev Lalev as her personal Israel charity because she understood that by doing so she would ensure that Israel’s young and vulnerable children would be taken care of one young girl at  a time. She wanted to tell us that she investigated many charitable organizations in Israel, and found that Lev Lalev, which means Heart to Heart creates a warm and real connection between these unfortunate orphaned girls and the donor.

Whether your specific gift will help a bride, pay for a Bat Mitzvah, or provide nutritious food for a orphan your donation will help to give each and every one of our girls the second chance she so desperately needs. Charity begins at home- and the Lev Lalev Children’s Home is a wonderful place to support.

Thank you for your good deeds, kindness, compassion, help and friendship. And thank you for making Lev Lalev your personal connection to Israel and the Jewish people/

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  1. kore Stéphane

    Hi my name is kore Stéphane I am a young Ivorian of 26 years, my country is the Ivory Coast I want to weave an alliance with the Jewish people of Israel by making a monthly donation in your center. I do not have great ways because I do not do a stable job yet but I promise to do my worry-free because I believe in the God who provides.

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