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Cease Fire: When?

We have agreed to a cease fire but Hamas says that the Egyptian initiative is “not worth the paper it’s printed on”.

When Israel warned residents of Gaza to leave their homes so that the civilians would not be harmed, Hamas ordered people to remain. This prompted Prime Minister Netanyahu to say “We in Israel use missiles to protect our citizens- in Gaza they use their people to protect their missiles “. I have often quoted Golda Meir who said that the Arab Israeli conflict would end when the Arabs loved their children more then they hate the Jews.

We at Lev Lalev love our children. We also have shown our concern for the well being of children in harm’s way by bringing over a hundred and fifty girls from the Southern parts of Israel to our Home in Netanya. As we pray for peace, and at the very least a cease fire, we remain steadfast in our actions to keep our children safe.


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