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The Lives of Policeman Matter


The lives of policeman matter The lives of Blacks, Whites, Indians, and “All people of color” matter The lives of Jews and Gentiles, Believers and Agnostics matter The lives of the Elderly and of children and their families matter The lives of orphans in Israel and all over the world matter It says in the …

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From Ashes to Rebirth

Erev Shabbos 10 Elul Friday, September 5 Seventy- five years ago this week, Germany (and the Soviet Union) invaded Poland. This marked the beginning of World War Two. Over 10 million civilians and a similar number of soldiers, died during the six years of the war, making it the most deadly war in history. The …

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“TOV LEHODOS LAHASHEM ULEZAMER LESHIMCHO ELYON” We give thanks to Hashem and we rejoice in His compassion. It’s been a very traumatic month for Israel and the Jewish people. Yet, it could have been much worse. I have written before about two miracles: the iron dome is in fact the hand of G-d, the technology …

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