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Eli Wiesel- what I learned from Him


On Shabbos Eli Weisel passed away at the age of eighty-seven. I recalled reading his first book “Night” which had a profound effect on me. Many years later I had the opportunity to have breakfast with him and a small group of Jewish professionals in Houston where I was working at the time. We were …

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Heart to Heart

On the Shabbat before Purim we read a special section from the Torah called Zocher which means remember. We are told to remember what Amelek did to us when he attacked the Children of Israel in the desert. Of the 613 mitzvot, three pertain to Amelek. Remember what Amelek did to us; don’t forget what …

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Seven Eleven: It’s more than just a convenience

  Lev Lalev moved our United States office to a smaller, more efficient, and a more practical location about two miles from where we were for the past four years. Our new office is across the street from a Seven Eleven (it actually has plenty of kosher products) in additional to the usual items that …

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