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One Nation- One Heart


Shavous is much more than cheesecake, blintzes, and a dairy cuisine. It is a rich Jewish Holiday which commemorates our receiving the Torah at Har Sinai. Standing at the foot of the mountain, we enthusiastically accepted the Torah proclaiming, “We will follow all of its precepts”. Shavous offers us the idea that despite worldly challenges, …

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Here’s the Scoop………….


Can’t make this up! Last week we wrote about National Donut Day; and today some genius invented National Chocolate Ice-cream Day. So I can’t let an opportunity pass. Let’s celebrate by sharing our good fortune with those less fortunate.  Help an orphaned girl today. Please visit the Lev Lalev website and your Heart will …

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National Donut Day


Tomorrow, June 3 is national Donut Day. For those of us who shouldn’t eat donuts I want to propose an alternative celebration and remembrance. We will call it NATIONAL DO NOT DAY. Do not forget the poor, the widows, and the orphans. Do not forget to be extra nice and kind today. Do not take …

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Happy Sixty Eighth- Be strong


Today is Israel Independence Day, marking the 68th year since the Jewish State declared its independence in 1948. The day is filled with celebrations, ceremonies, parties and, of course, barbecues. And there’s certainly a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. How could anyone imagine that after nearly 2,000 years of exile and persecution, culminating …

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Happy Mother’s Day

mothers day

Mother’s Day was observed in the United States yesterday. It is a day when all of us can celebrate and show appreciation to our mothers. Most of us are quite fortunate that we have been raised by Moms whose compassion and strength has shown us the way. Unfortunately many of our girls at Lev Lalev …

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Chag Sameach from Netanya, Israel


In the spirit of the Hagaddah we are asking an answering four questions. Who has made this Pesach special for the girls at Lev Lalev? Who has helped to ensure that each and every girl receives new clothes for the holiday? Who cares for the orphaned girls throughout the year, and helps each one grow …

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Happiness Is All Around Us

  Leah & Chaviva Recently we shared with you the plight of two sisters who arrived at our Home after their mother passed away. We are happy to let you know that they are settling in nicely. Thank you to everyone who responded to our request to help sponsor these girls; over one hundred people …

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Eight great ideas for Chanukah

I am blessed. It is said, “That if you love your work, then you don’t really work a day in your life”. This is how I feel about the time I give to helping the orphaned and disadvantaged girls at Lev Lalev Children’s Home in Israel. It’s a great blessing to be able to help …

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Thanks (for) Giving

Ronit came to Israel’s Lev LaLev Girls Orphanage in Netanya three years ago as a sad and forlorn ten year old. Since she was a young child she had been raised by her grandparents who unfortunately became too old and ill to care for her. One of our staff members noticed that each day Ronit …

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Be Strong

Six weeks ago at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul, we began the Yom Naorim season- the High Holidays. We prepared ourselves to do Teshuvah (repentance) for our shortcomings and sins. Throughout the holidays, we prayed that Hashem should forgive us and provide us with a year of much bracha- an abundance of …

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