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I saw a small news item in the local paper yesterday which caught my interest. I don’t know exactly how to react to it and wanted to share it to ask you how you feel about it.
This week at the Olympic Stadium built by the Nazis to hold the 1936 Olympics, there is a gathering of Jewish athletes from over thirty countries to participate in the first ever European Maccabi Games. According to the committee, “It was a difficult decision to bring the games to Berlin.

When I read the article I not only thought about the 1936 games and the rise of Nazi barbarism, but also the 1972 Olympics held in Munich in which eleven Israelis were murdered by the PLO.
There is a Jewish story that when a young Jewish boy from the Bronx came home excited and told his grandmother that “Babe Ruth hit a home run today” she responded “Is that good or bad for the Jewish people”?

So- I’m wondering what do you think?

Sometimes- bad memories are the catalyst for good actions and attitudes in the future. At Lev Lalev most of our girls come to the Home with difficult memories. While the memories never disappear completely they often (but not always) help to give our girls the courage to move ahead in a positive and productive way. Sometimes (but thank G-d) not often the bad memories prevent a girl from achieving happiness and success.

maccabiSo- once again I ask what do you think about holding this sporting event in Berlin?

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