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Here are three wonderful gestures from our Lev Lalev family; “the next generation of friends and supporters”. We received the following letter yesterday.

Dear Lev Lalev,
This past summer in our day camp in the Mountains twenty eight girls preformed the musical Annie. Annie is the story of a young orphaned girl with lots of hope for a better future, which she shares with all of those around her. Annie’s inspiring personality helps her friends keep their spirits up, even when life seems difficult for them. Our girls (those in the day camp in Upstate New York) wanted to sell tickets for the musical to raise money for tzedakah. They decided on their own that money should go to an orphanage in Israel because they felt connected to orphaned Annie’s story. (Which I believed took place in the Lower East Side of New York around the turn of last century). From what we learned on your website Lev Lalev does wonderful work helping orphaned girls in Israel who hope and dream of a better future. With best wishes for success.
S.N. Dramatics Director
(There were a bundle of checks in the envelope suggesting that the play was a complete sellout).

A second package came from a mother in Brooklyn who celebrated her daughters Bat Mitzvah by making jewelry. Separately wrapped each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a New Years card wishing our girls a Shana Tova.

We also received a request for forty Lev Lalev Charity Boxes- Pushkas for a Bat Mitzvah. Each will be used by a girl who attends their friends Bat Mitzvah; they will fill the boxes and send them back as part of “your change can change the lives of an orphaned girl” Program.

How nice it is that these young people chose to bring joy and happiness into the lives of our orphaned and disadvantaged girls. How nice it is that the two events not only focused on our Jewish orphans at Lev Lalev but built an Israeli connection. Thank you girls for thinking of our girls and may all of you have a Shana Tova U’mituka- a Happy, Healthy, and very Sweet New Year.


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