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An interesting lead story in Israel AM caught my attention.

“Each day we scour the Israeli Hebrew and English news sources to bring you the day’s important news. But on rare occasions, there just isn’t anything important enough to report. That’s usually a good thing because it means that, at least for one day, there were no new terror attacks, political crisis, scandals, demonstrations or religious conflicts in the holy land. Despite the terror attack in Germany that claimed the lives of 12 people, including one Israeli, and the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, nothing newsworthy has happened in Israel (yet). So, for today, all we can really say is, “no news is good news”.

We can be thankful for each day that no news about Israel appears in the press. On the other hand, when there is no news- and no response to the request to help us reach our annual fundraising budget by the end of the year, then “No news is not good news”.

With less than two weeks to go we must raise more than $50,000 to reach our goal and balance our budget. But- this appeal is not just about numbers. Each dollar raised will allow us to continue therapy for the girls, homework helpers for those who need extra help, a Chanukah party and a special Chanukah trip to bring joy and fulfillment to our girls over the Holidays.

So please respond today and let us bring good news to our Lev Lalev girls.happy-chanukah-11366074

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