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“Ad Bli Di” No Limitations


The Jewish holiday of Purim is observed on the 14th of Adar which this year is Sunday, March 16th. It is a time to celebrate the greatness of Queen Esther. Just as the Jewish nation was about to be destroyed Esther intervened with the help of her uncle Mordechai, and gained mercy for the Jewish people.

The merit of everyone unifying in prayer and good deeds is fundamental to the success of the Jewish nation. And- the irony of the Purim story is that those wicked people who decreed our death were themselves killed. To remind us of this miracle, it is our tradition on Purim to wear costumes which symbolize that things are not always as they appear at first glance. Further, costumes give us the ability to experience unbridled joy, “Ad Bli Di” without limitations.

On Purim we celebrate the miraculous rescue that occurred when we faced adversity with unity and showed compassion one for another.

Unity, care, love, friendship and joy continue to bring us together.

Our message at Lev Lalev is to bring joy to our girls- the over one hundred orphans and disadvantaged young people who come to us sad and broken. With your help there are no limitations “Ad Bli Di” of what we can do for each girl.


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  1. shmishy

    It is great what you are doing to help the girls.

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