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Israel is Under Attack, Once again

Israel is under attack. Safety is our greatest priority. This is why we opened the Lev Lalev Camp two weeks early. This is why we have expanded our program to include girls from all over Netanya. This is why we have added extra security guards. This is why we have asked our orphaned and disadvantaged …

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OUTSTANDING Acts of Kindness

  Orphaned girls in Israel deserve a good summer experience. Don’t You Agree? In less than two weeks, we will be running our Lev Lalev summer camp program for Israeli Orphaned and disadvantaged girls. Let me share with you the following amazing story. A few years ago Tamar came to the Home from Jerusalem. She …

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A Lesson: Acts of Kindness and Charity

On Yom Kippur we read about the tragic murders of ten Rabbis who died at the hands of the Roman’s after the destruction of the second Temple. Although all of these martyrs weren’t killed on the same day, we read about them as a single unified tragic story. The reason for this is that they …

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