Monthly Archive: December 2011

A Joyous New Year For All


Donate now, end 2011 and start 2012 on a great note! Join hands with Lev LaLev, you can make a difference in the lives of these girls! Thank you so much for all your support over the past year! Happy New Year!

In 2012, Remember: Nobody’s Perfect


This may come as a surprise to a lot of people – especially my mother – but I have to admit that I’m not perfect. At this moment, breakfast dishes are soaking in my kitchen sink (yuck) and there’s a laundry basket filled with socks waiting for their designated partner, some of which have probably …

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From a Flicker to a Flame


Chanuka is finally here! It’s time to recall the small flask of oil that lasted for eight days instead of one, the divine message that what seems like a small effort can accomplish miracles beyond our imagination. For a moment, think about what it would be like to find the Temple desecrated. Its majestic glory …

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The Taste of Chanukah

Frying Latkes For Hanukah

When you’re celebrating Chanukah with family and friends, nothing bonds everyone more than the delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen. To honor the miracle of the oil and the way in which dairy foods were used to save the Jewish people, many celebrate Chanukah with their own versions of the following recipes. Presented here are among my favorites …

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Chanuka: Rising Up to Change the World


I was thinking recently that everything around us was once an idea in someone’s mind. The keyboard I’m using; this ergonomic chair that’s supposed to improve my posture (to my mother’s great delight) and only inches away, the ceramic coffee cup that holds sacred contents and declares the exact moment I plan on giving it …

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Independence: Growing Up and Letting Go

New Picture (1)

“Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.” – Elbert Hubbard Anyone that has potty-trained a child knows that true independence won’t happen until it’s wanted desperately enough. In our family, one Weinstein toddler was simply too immersed in other things and curiosity of the world to give up …

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Chavi’s Netanya Diary – Day in the Life of a Lev LaLev Girl

Chavi, with the Director of the Home Bracha, and American twins who celebrated their Bat Mitzvah with the Lev LaLev Girls!

Ever since I started working in the Lev LaLev New York office, I have been dreaming of visiting the Rubin Zeffren Children’s Home and meeting the adorable, sweet, precious girls. A few weeks ago, my dream finally came true! I had the honor and privilege of staying with the girls for three extraordinary days! Here is my …

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