Monthly Archive: October 2011

The ‘Vacation-After-A-Vacation’ Syndrome

I just knew it would hit. Drifting down a stream appropriately called ‘Lazy River,’ stretched out on an inner tube while absorbing the 100 degree October sun in Indio, California, a thought came to my mind, ‘The transition back to work ain’t gonna be easy.’ As a writer and an editing snob, the very fact …

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Survival of the Fittest….Sukkah?


Having already revealed my secret recipes to you ( only some 😉 ), I guess it’s ok for me to also let you know that a few months into our marriage, I actually second-guessed my husband’s driving capabilities. (Something wives NEVER do, right?) It was a brilliant, sunny San Francisco day in 1989. (Note to …

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Harvesting the Very Best of Your Life

We made it! That’s at least one of our thoughts when the final moments of Yom Kippur fade away. After an entire day of fasting and pouring our hearts in prayers for a fulfilling, sweet year, it’s time to celebrate G-d’s acceptance of these sacred efforts. The spiritual seeds sowed only weeks ago are ripe …

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Picking the right Apple


Fall is a favorite time for the outdoor fun activity of apple picking! But here in the Lev LaLev offices, we were wondering what the difference between all the amazing types of apples were and what is the best apple to use in all our upcoming Sukkot recipes; and what to look for while going …

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