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Yom Yerushalayim: Celebrating the Holy City

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“Jerusalem of gold, and of bronze and of light – Behold I am a harp for all your songs” – Naomi Shemer This year, June 1st is celebrated as Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. It commemorates the liberation of the city of Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967, which put the city back in …

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The Importance of a Wall: Lev LaLev Kotel visit June 5, 2011

In this combination of two photos, Israeli army paratroopers Zion Karasanti, left, Yitzhak Yifat, centre, and Haim Oshri, right, stand next to the Western Wall, Judaism holiest site, in Jerusalem's Old City after it was captured during the Six Day War on June 7, 1967, left, and 40 years later, May 16, 2007. The image on the left is etched in history - an iconic photo that captured Israel in its most triumphant moment. Three young, battle-worn faces gazing up in wonder at the Western Wall, moments after capturing Judaism's holiest site in the Six-Day War.-United Israel World Union

U.S. President Barack Obama recently urged that peace negotiations for a Palestinian state be based on the 1967 borders. The borders are based on those prior to the Six Day War in 1967 in which Israel won control over East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The area of East Jerusalem includes the Kotel, it …

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May 2011 Family Album

Check out our newest pictures, including the special visit from Naomi Hyman whose Bat Mitzvah project inspired her community to donate a gorgeous new playground for our girls! The Lev LaLev Family Album – May 2011

Lag BaOmer Celebrations

We’ve passed over Pesach, and we’re deep into spring. Our girls enjoyed a meaningful holiday, preceded by joyful and educational field trips that gave them a renewal of spirit and blessed childhood memories to cherish. They are growing up physically and they’re maturing emotionally. And, so much of their bounty has come from YOU! This …

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