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From Ashes to Rebirth

Erev Shabbos
10 Elul
Friday, September 5

Seventy- five years ago this week, Germany (and the Soviet Union) invaded Poland. This marked the beginning of World War Two. Over 10 million civilians and a similar number of soldiers, died during the six years of the war, making it the most deadly war in history.
The Holocaust, the genocide of Jews, resulted in the death of 78% of the Jews in German occupied Europe. Among those affected was Rabbi Yekuziel Yehuda Halberstam -the Klausenberg- Sanz Rebba. Among the victims were Rabbi Halberstams first wife and eleven children as well as most of his congregation.
But the Rebba- didn’t give up. After the war he moved to the United States where he reestablished his community. Later he moved to Israel, founding a neighborhood in Netanya, and the Liando Hospital, and the Lev Lalev orphanage. He remarried and had seven children; his two sons continue the Klausenberg- Sanz dynasty today.
The lesson he taught us through his actions is very direct, simple, yet deeply profound. Don’t Give Up!! Don’t allow the challenges, obstacles, and even horrific conditions to stop you. Don’t let others dictate your loses and failures. Don’t lose faith, and don’t stop trying.

Since 1961- for over fifty years- we at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home have been helping orphans, disadvantaged, and shattered girls overcome their personal hardships. It’s not an easy task to help a young girl move forward after a traumatic detour. We couldn’t do this without our world-wide network of friends who support us in our life- saving efforts.
And in the end- we help each girl reach her potential. We provide our girls with the warm and nurturing Home that they were missing. We help them find peace, happiness, serenity and purpose. We give them the positive tools to succeed. In doing so, we help each girl build her “Bayis Ne’man B’yisrael”- a true foundation for a happy Home of her own.

With the world spinning in so many chaotic directions, let us take the lessons of the Rebba to heart. Let us remain- focused and productive- happy and purposeful, optimistic and hopeful. Let us rise above politics, wars, conflicts, and weak social conditions and reach higher and higher toward greatness. The future is in our hearts, it’s up to us.

Shabbat Shalom.

Shana Tovah, and all blessings to you and yours to a healthy, happy, productive, and peaceful New Year.


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