Chag Sameach from Netanya, Israel


In the spirit of the Hagaddah we are asking an answering four questions. Who has made this Pesach special for the girls at Lev Lalev? Who has helped to ensure that each and every girl receives new clothes for the holiday? Who cares for the orphaned girls throughout the year, and helps each one grow …

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News from Israel that you may have seen


Food For thought Health Minister Yaakov Litzman,of the Haredi UTJ party, has declared war on McDonalds. It has nothing to do with Kosher issues (Israel has kosher McDonalds branches). Litzman is at war with all fast food, because of health reasons. Litzman added, “Children should be educated not to eat junk food. Not to eat …

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I have a (some) dreams too

This week, I was thinking about the powerful speech that Martin Luther King gave at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. His remarks had a powerful impact and helped to stimulate social change in America. He was killed on April 4, 1968, forty eight years ago. His words continue to motivate people to do …

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Israel flag

Purim 2016


On Purim put a HUGE smile on the faces of one hundred and five Israeli orphaned girls by sponsoring a very special gift basket for each of the girls. For the Lev LaLev girl, the holidays are bitter sweet. Without loving families the girls feel lonely, isolated, and sad. Your gift will make a positive …

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Am Echad B’lev Echad-One people, One Destiny


Michael Rhodes of Passaic, New Jersey wrote an inspiring Dvar Torah on our Lev Lalev Facebook page. With his permission, I am sharing this beautiful thought with you. The message is so deeply important, particularly today. What we accomplish can only be accomplished through unity. We thank Michael and each and every one of our …

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Today Will Be Better


Yesterday was a harsh and painful day in Israel. There was terrorism in Jerusalem, Jaffe, and Petach Tikvah. An American, Taylor Force (28), a West Point graduate and previously a Field Artillery Officer in the U.S. army, was killed in Jaffe. Not far from that site Vice President Joe Biden’s wife and grandchildren were eating …

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Shots Heard Round the World

soviet boy

Ralph Waldow Emerson wrote these words in his classic poem “The Concord Hynm”. He refers to a battle in the American Revolutionary War in which the first British soldiers were killed. The term is used in a different historical situation characterizing the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which has been blamed as one of the flashpoints …

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Love Begets More Love-Hate Begets More Hate

birchas kohanim

The headline in the Israeli press this morning: Terror Continues. Yesterday there was another stabbing at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. It was the eleventh terror attack in the last five months there in the heart of Jerusalem. Earlier in the day Tuvia Weisman- a twenty one year old married man entered a …

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Great Miracles happened there


In preparation for a lecture I will deliver at the local community college tomorrow, I was thinking about “great miracles that happened there during my lifetime”. Each of these is connected to the establishment of Lev Lalev, and the work that we do to help the orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel. The establishment of …

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